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Kid Friendly, Highly Effective Hand Sanitizers

These are extraordinary times and we are seeing the best and worst of humanity.

I cringe when I read stories like the brothers in Tennessee who spent several days traveling in multiple states and buying every hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in sight.  They single handedly wiped out supplies as the procured 25,000 bottles of this precious commodity.

They then put them on Amazon and promptly sold at least 8,000 units at highly inflated prices, some as high as $40 or more per bottle. 

There are other people doing the same thing and thought nothing of gouging people for their own greed.   Amazon, E-bay and several other shopping online venues pulled all such sales off their platforms as they should have done. 

On the flip side there are 10’s of thousands medical personnel facing the virus head on, every day.  They are the real heroes of the world.

Zoey Naturals manufactures and sells hand sanitizers with a suggested retail price of $6.00 for a 4-ounce spray bottle.  We did buy all the alcohol we could in anticipation of our customer’s needs.  (Side note: if you are operating legally, you must have both an OTC license as well as an alcohol license to make sanitizers.   The alcohol licenses carefully control the amount you are allowed to purchase on an annual basis).

As you can imagine, our hand sanitizers have been selling extremely well so the extra alcohol we have is enough for aprox. 50,000 more bottles.  We have customers all across the U.S. utilizing our mail order at www.zoey-naturals.com.

We also have people visiting our factory store in Melbourne, FL.

We are proud to provide this product and by the way, we are offering this at the same everyday price of $6.00.  No price gouging here!

Best regards,

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