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Why Parents Need a Break!

Having a baby is life changing but in a good way of course. You may find yourself remembering pre-child when you could take a nap, binge watch an entire series on Netflix in one day, or even use the bathroom without being interrupted. Or maybe you can’t remember what it was like because its been so long. Although I am sure all parents wish, just for a minute, we could have the freedom to do those things again, we wouldn’t take back having that sweet precious baby for anything.

I have learned one thing in the last two years being a mother though. To keep your sanity, it is important to have alone time, take a break from your child and spend time with your spouse.  Although I enjoy every second I get to spend with Zoey, we all deserve a break.

Sometimes its nice to just lie in bed without being interrupted every 2 minutes. Or even take a hot shower without having to rush. Taking a break or day off from your little one is okay. I think as new parents we all tend to feel a little guilty when we aren’t spending our time with them as we brought them into this world and we want to do everything for them, at least I know I did. But it’s okay to take a day off, enjoy some alone time and let the grandparents take over without feeling that way. 

You may have learned after having a child as well, it can be taxing on your marriage. A lot of marriages end in divorce after children come into the picture. Spending that quality time alone without constantly caring and tending to your little one can do wonders in reassuring each other.

If you are new parents and are feeling overwhelmed, give it a try. All parents deserve it, raising a little human is hard work!

Here's a picture of our recent night out at The Gathering Table, right here in our local town of Melbourne, Florida. The Gathering Table is a hands-on cooking experience for those who love to cook and eat. Cooking together is one of our favorite things to do as a couple and it was a spectacular experience! 

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