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Beat the winter blues

Winters in Florida are quite different than winter up north. We don’t get snow and a cold day may consist of temperatures in the 50-60s which our friends from up North may laugh at us for thinking that’s cold. 

But with any colder weather conditions comes dry skin.  Hydration of our skin is important when the cooler weather hits to prevent cracking and chapping.  Zoey Naturals Body Oil and Body Butter are formulated with key ingredients such as  shea butter, coconut oil,  and avocado oil to help continue to achieve that soft skin throughout the winter months.

We really enjoy wintertime after the long hot summers we get, even if most days are in the 70s it’s a nice break from the 90s. Zoey has always loved being outside and this cooler weather makes it much more bearable.  We soak up the weather and take every advantage to get outdoors including things like the park, a trip to the zoo, walks and bike rides.  Before we know it that sunny, hot weather returns to Florida!

Here's a picture of our sweet Zoey:

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