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A heartfelt testimonial

Do you ever question why you do your job?

Doubts about the process, the stress, the problems and magnify all that if you own your business.  Now there’s 30 people depending on you.

The below was recently received on our Zoey Naturals page and it is heartwarming to say the least.  This young mother was beside herself as her little boy was suffering from a severe case of eczema exasperated by drooling.  He was in pain and as you can read the parents felt helpless.

They had tried everything from pharmacist recommendations to prescription creams to homemade concoctions.  Nothing worked.

That is, until she tried Zoey Natural Body Butter and Body Oil.

As depicted by the photos below, the results were almost miraculous. Even more impressive is how quickly she got the positive results.

Read her testimonial below and study the pictures. 

“I previously posted about my love for Zoey Naturals, but I’m not finished. As some of you know, we have battled a drool rash and eczema for as long as we can remember. It would flare up terribly, and we tried (and wasted so much money on) EVERYTHING. It would break our hearts because we truest felt helpless. After only a few days of using the body butter and oil, it looks as if he has new skin! This stuff is amazing, and we are so grateful if exists!” -Elisa

Before using Zoey Naturals:

Before using Zoey Naturals

After using Zoey Naturals:


A powerful message and a great reminder of why I got into this business in the first place.  There is nothing like helping others and we have countless testimonials over the last 27 years.

Thank you to all my employees for their dedication in making the best products in the world.

Best regards,


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ZOEY Naturals is formulated for babies and loved by mamas all around the world.

Our effective and gentle formulas are free of harsh chemicals and safe on our environment.