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Traveling with Little Ones


Are you planning a trip with your little ones soon? As parents, we know this can be very stressful for us and our kids. There can be a lot of anxiety leading up to the trip and stress of making sure you packed everything and didn’t forget any of the essentials. Since Zoey was an infant, we started traveling with her, and she has been on several trips including international ones. She has always done so well and been an amazing little traveler, so we wanted to share some of our tips that have worked for us each time.

Traveling with little ones always means one thing … more luggage, A LOT more. You have to include all the essentials your baby may need including a stroller, carrier, something to sleep in, diapers, wipes, bottles, food, snacks, and the list goes on. We try to pack the minimum and then, if necessary,  buy more when we reach our destination. That includes things like diapers, wipes, food, and snacks. The less to carry the better.

Plane rides can be overwhelming for kids. It’s a long time for them to sit still in one place especially if you are traveling far. We find it important that we pack new toys and books for Zoey. Ones she has never seen until we board the plane. Things that will hold her interest longer. We try to get creative. We always bring her tablet as well that has her favorite Disney shows downloaded on it. Even if you’re not big on screen time for your child,  it could be something to consider while traveling to make your life a little easier. We also always make sure we pack her favorite snacks and plenty of them. That always keeps her busy for a while.

Taking off and landing can be quite stressful. The pressure can really bother their little ears. We always have a bottle ready with milk, water, or juice and that has done the trick for us every time. A lot of the time Zoey will want to take a nap on the plane. Sometimes she will fall asleep while on our laps, but we have also gotten creative by making her a bed made out of the tray tables.

When we reach our destination and arrive at our place we are staying, we try to make Zoey feel as close to at home as possible. We might bring her favorite animal, blanket and familiar toys. We try to stick to routine as much as possible including nap times, bath time, and bed time.

Don’t worry parents. Your kids are going to do just fine if you are prepared!

Here's a picture we snapped of Zoey at the airport!

All good things,

Kelsey, xoxo

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