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Bath Time Routine

From the day Zoey was born, she has always been enamored with water. So, we have always looked forward to her bath time. As we all know as parents, creating a routine is very important for our children and of course, our sanity. So we thought we would share Zoey’s routine and what has worked for us.

The bath time journey begins at 7:00 pm each night in preparation to get our daughter to bed. As you get to know Zoey, you will learn that she is a whirlwind of energy and excitement, so these steps coming up are very important to ease her mind for a well-rested night.

During bath time, we play relaxing lullabies and bring out our Zoey Naturals Lavender Head To Toe Wash. Zoey is a big fan of bubbles, so we always make sure to include those in her bath. If you are thinking right now “where is the bubble bath?” Don’t worry! It will be on our next product release and we hope you love it as much as Zoey does. Once the bubbles have begun, Zoey has fun in the tub with her toys for about 15-20 minutes.

From there bath time is over but the preparation for bed continues. We then wrap Zoey up in one of her favorite towels and bring her into her bedroom.  Soft music is playing while we dry her off, brush her teeth, comb her hair, and finish up with a massage using either Zoey Naturals Soothing Lavender Moisturizing Lotion or Zoey Naturals Soothing Lavender Body Oil depending on the dryness of her skin. This process is really important to get her nice and relaxed.

Next is story time where we read a few of her favorite books that she picks out, while enjoying a warm bottle of milk. From there she goes into her crib where the lights turn off slowly and she falls quickly to sleep.

Here's a picture of Zoey at Bath time: 

All good things, 

Kelsey, xoxox

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