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Beach and Boat Essentials

As a family, we always enjoy a weekend at the beach or on the boat with Zoey. Growing up in Florida, the “Sunshine State”, and living within walking distance to the beach, we have a lot of experience.

Zoey has always been adventurous, loved being outside, and especially around or in the water which means we spend a lot of time there. Planning and packing your bag right will always make for a more enjoyable time. We are still learning but each time we learn things that are essential and things that just take up space and are better left at home. Things we always include in our beach bag that keep Zoey happy include snacks, drinks, tons of beach toys, sunglasses, Zoey Naturals Sunscreen, a hat, and a towel.

Zoey took her first trip to the beach at 3 months old. When she was little we would bring a tent she could lay in with SPF protection and we were sure to keep Zoey Naturals Sunscreen on her at all times. Protection for their delicate little skin is the most important. As Zoey got a little older and now is mobile, we bring an umbrella with a big towel and chair so she can get some shade.  If it’s a really hot day, we will bring an inflatable pool, which we blow up in advance and fill with water when we get there. Zoey loves splashing in the water and it keeps her cool at the same time. We make sure to reapply Zoey Naturals Sunscreen every 45 minutes while she is in the water to keep her the most protected.

Some good snacks Zoey loves while at the beach are a PB&J and any kind of fruit. We let Zoey play until she wears out. She lets us know when she is ready to go home and we pack up everything and head home. Once there,  Zoey usually takes a nice long nap and then we know we had a successful day at the beach or on the boat!

Here's Zoey at the Beach! 

All good things,

Kelsey, xoxo

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