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Proper Sunscreen Application

Did you know there is a proper way to apply sunscreen? Have you put sunscreen on and got burnt anyways? Have you ever wondered if you’re doing it correctly or did you just blame it on that specific sunscreen not working well.? I’ll admit it, I didn’t know there was a right or wrong way to apply it. Luckily for the girls, their Papa is an expert in sunscreen. The issue is not everyone has a family member, that is an expert in the skincare industry. In my eyes, education is key to proper application so your little one doesn’t get burned.

The best time to apply your sunscreen is 15-20 mins before you actually go out in the sun. A lot of us get to the beach or go out to the pool and put our sunscreen on there, but really your skin needs the time to absorb it before sun exposure for maximum benefits. 

Do you apply enough sunscreen? Most of us will probably find that we don’t. We fear putting it on too heavy and leaving our skin white. But really it is recommended that you use about 1 oz of sunscreen to cover your entire body. 

Not only is applying enough important but also covering all areas is just as crucial. That includes areas you may not even think of like your ears, the back of your knees, and your feet. 

One of the most crucial steps to not getting burned is not to rub your sunscreen in like you are about to simultaneously combust! You should “lay” your sunscreen on, wait around 1 minute and then rub the sunscreen into your little one. Remember your epidermis is only a paper sheet thick, it is crucial to not rub in too fast.

Even with proper application, reapplication throughout the day or hours spent in the sun is just as important. It is recommended you reapply 1 oz every 2 hours or immediately after swimming. 

All good things,

Kelsey Richards 


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