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Our go-to Beach Day necessities

Summer time is here and we have been spending a lot of time at the beach. Zoey is of the age where she loves going and playing in the sand, running around and diving in the water to cool off.

We love it as well,  but my husband and I were talking just the other day about how simple and easy it was to go to the beach BC (Before Children).  BC we could leisurely be hanging around at the house and decide on the spur of the moment that the beach was calling.  Throw a towel and sunscreen in a bag, grab a bottle of cold water and we were off.

Now, with two children, Zoey at 2 /12 and Kinsley at 4 months, it is a much bigger production: 

Zoey Natural Sunscreen, check.

Towels, check.

Swim diapers, check.

Change of clothes for both girls, check.

Plenty to drink, check.

Cooler for Kinsely’s milk, check.  Filled with ice, check.

Snacks, check.

Beach umbrella, check.

Hats, check.

Sunglasses, check.

Sandals, check.

Beach toys, check.  Bucket and shovels for castle building, check.

Books to read for us,  ha, ha, ha… those days are long gone.

So, it is a grand production to get to the beach but well worth it to see the excitement and hear the pure joy of our toddler running free in the great outdoors.  Before you know it, her Baby Sissy will be right beside her.

Here's a cute little picture of our sweet Zoey enjoying the beach right near our home:

By the way, for information on proper application of Zoey Naturals SPF 30, read our blog on the importance of sun protection.

All the best,

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