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Zoey's Favorite Summertime Snacks

I’m sure all kids love their snacks, but Zoey is a “master snacker”.

No more than 30 minutes after a meal, she’ll announce, “I need a snack.”  For that reason, I come prepared whether we are on the go or at home with a variety of snacks. When we are home any snacks are fair game … even if they are messy.  When we are on the go, I try to pack some easier snacks with less potential for a big mess!

At home, some of our favorite summertime snacks are popsicles, fresh cold fruit and especially her all-time favorite, ice cream.  From the first time she took a small lick of soft serve ice cream, she has been hooked.  She loves all kinds but lately has really enjoyed the home-made concoctions from Grammy and PaPa.  She helps make it and the last venture was with Georgia Fresh Peaches.

There is nothing better than a refreshing cold snack on a hot summer day! Usually after these snacks, we are sticky so we will do a fun bath to cool down using Zoey Naturals Sweet Citrus Wash and Moisturizer. 

Some snacks I pack on the go may include things like chips, fruit snacks, gold fish, apple sauce pouches, and teddy grahams or “teddy bears” as Zoey calls them. I always have to pack a variety because if I don’t have that one snack Zoey is craving at that given time, then I’m in trouble! We always pack our Zoey Naturals Hand Sanitizer for a quick cleanse before snack time.

This is what keeps my 2 year old happy and we’d love to hear about your snacking adventures. 


All my best,


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