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Riddle:  When is a body butter not a butter?

Answer:  Almost all the time (when purchased from companies that label their products as “butter” when they really are a cream.)

This is a pet peeve of mine since, in my opinion, this is a cheap ploy to charge higher prices.  Body butter has a higher perceived value than a lotion or a cream.  Just read the ingredient decks and if you see water in the product, it is not butter.

You see, butter blends should have nothing but rich butters and /or super hydrating oils.  And, that’s the way Zoey Naturals and parent company Absolutely Natural has always done it.

The Zoey butter is a rich blend of shea butter, sunflower oil, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and mango butter.  It’s refreshing fragrance is a blend of vanilla and grapefruit.

Not one drop of water.

Consequently, the Zoey butter is non-parallel as a hydrator for dry skin and especially effective in winter months for the dry, cracked skin that harsh winter weather can bring.  It is nourishing and can improve skin’s elasticity.

It’s great for cradle cap and we have heard from many Moms that swear, with daily use, it helped avoid stretch marks.

The butter is also great for those suffering with eczema or psoriasis.  The fatty acids in the butter form a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture.

Absolutely Natural is renown for their butter formulas.  When I first started buying shea butter for use in 1992, I ordered 5 gallon pails.  Today, we use several tons a month. 

Some people have tried the “other butter” and been disappointed with the results.  Try Zoey Natural butter and I guarantee that you will fall in love with the product. 


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