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Benefits of Baby Massage

Do you include massages for your little one in their bedtime routine? We started when both Zoey and her sister Kinsley were babies and they have always loved it! Massages not only feel great for little ones but they also have many other benefits.  

Massages are great from day one if done lightly and properly. Follow their cues, they will let you know if they are enjoying it. It helps your baby feel loved and nurtured as well as helps grow that bond with you and your new little one. We choose night time for our daughter massages as we know it can help soothe and relax them as well as provide better sleep. It is also proven to help control stress and reduce crying. Less crying makes for a happy baby and mama!

Some tips that we have learned with our two daughters are:


Pick a time you don’t feel rushed. 

- Make sure the temperature is warm enough and they are comfortable, we all know little ones don’t like being cold!

- Use Zoey Naturals Soothing Lavender Body Oil. It makes for a more gentle massage, the lavender has its own soothing properties, it moisturizes the skin, and it leaves your little one smelling so good afterwards!

- Include their entire body. There are benefits to each area! Just make sure it been long enough before their last meal before pressing on their tummy! 

- Zoey's sister, Kinsley has bad acid reflux and we found massaging worked great with her pain and reducing her reflux. 

- It is also beneficial after a nice warm bath, the pores of your babies skin will be open and all those amazing nutrients can absorb into the skin.


So if you have never tried massage now is a great time to start. Its never too late, Zoey is three and still loves it every night after her bath! 

With so much love,


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