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Diaper Rashes: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Has your little one ever had a diaper rash? As a parent we know they aren’t fun and hate seeing our babies uncomfortable and in pain. I will discuss what causes them, how to prevent them and how to treat them quickly if they do happen.

Diaper rashes are often caused by long exposure to moisture, diaper friction, or even just enzymes in your babies poop. If your baby has sensitive skin it is even possible the diaper itself helps cause it, which I know from experience as it has happened to Zoey.

Prevention comes in many ways. Babies are always wet. Why is it when you put a clean diaper on a baby they instantly pee in it?! Change your babies diaper often to prevent prolong wet exposure. When changing their diaper give it a little time before applying a new diaper, allow the skin to dry out. Avoid things that may irritate your babies skins such as fragranced wipes or products. Use Zoey Naturals Diaper cream (fragrance free) as a prevention and not just a treatment after a rash has already occurred. We recommend you spread a thick lay of cream after each diaper change to prevent urine or stool from reaching and irritating the skin. 

Sometimes diaper rashes are not preventable so lets talk about treatment. Be gentle, your little one is uncomfortable. Skip the wipes and try using warm water on a wash cloth or cotton ball instead. Apply Zoey Naturals Diaper Cream thick with each diaper change. Consider your little ones diet, or mamas diet if she is breastfeeding to figure out if there could be a trigger causing it. 

Hang in there mama, you got this! 

Hugs, Kelsey

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